So every year it has been a small tradition for my wife to make a pot of chili for us to eat on Thanksgiving at the meet. Well the pot keeps growing. It now includes family and friends. Well once again the pot keeps getting bigger.

Brandi will be making another pot of chili this year (thanks to Emperor Coon Ass) for the use of his gear. We will be doing this out by the weathering yard in the afternoon, possibly by the hospitality tent. We need to know how much to make. We tried this at the Texas Hawking Association meet last year and were able to feed almost 100 people/servings with some to spare. We sure don't feel like taking a ton of food back with us.

Small donations are requested to help offset the cost of doing this.

Please let me know here if you would like some chili and how many people will be with you. We want to make sure we have enough for those that are interested.

Also if you are willing to help out Brandi for a little bit that would be awesome too!