This thread is predominantly aimed at Robert but I would be interested in anyone's opinion on 433 transmitter wave propagation.
I must state for the record that I do run 434 and I am very happy with the equipment, signal bounce did have me scratching my head a little but that is all part and parcel of learning to use a new system.
The most often heard comment I get when discussing telemetry with my fellow falconers is the 433/ 434 is great for line of sight but if you are using in hilly and wooded areas (where I hunt) a lower frequency is much better, I myself have never had a problem tracking down my hawk in such landscape.
I understand the whole signal bendy thing reasonably well but would be interested in knowing how Marshall have managed to get the system to work outside it's theoretical norm, for example in one of my track downs I found my hawk tight up against the base of a 12ft river bank and I was 3/4 of a mile away on the blindside.
Was this just signal bounce, the extra power output, a combination of the two or just pure luck that saved the day?