Hello everyone, My name is Tommy. I am from Texas. I new to NAFEX. I started the process of becoming a Texas Falconer this past spring. I completed all of my paper work and inspections at the end of summer and I was able to trap my first bird this past Saturday (10/25/14). I trapped a 910 gram red tail male. I have begun the manning process. I really don't have a gauge since this is my first bird, but he seems to be calming down quickly. He still hasn't eaten yet, but he is starting to nibble at pieces of quail. I expect him to eat tonight. He is sitting on his perch at times and not baiting. His feathers are laying flat as soon as I put him on the fist. I feel confident that he is making the progress he needs to make and remain on track. I will get some pics posted soon. Just wanted to start this posting with all of the most current information. By the way the hawk's name is Noble, therefore the name of the thread.