- Obligatory first of season post hunt picture.

After a morning of hunting the Aplomado a few weeks back we took Scarlett out for her first hunt of the season. She was 3 weeks to the day off the trap. We parked up at a field we've hunted before.

Took me longer to gear up than hunt... Walked into the field near the creek and I was setting her up to hit her first perch but I kicked a squirrel out of a wood pile, Scarlett took note and left the glove down the creek bed and somehow managed to get it amidst the brush. I found her in shin deep water (on me) standing on the squirrel (on the bottom of the creek bed...) and using her wings to stay up top. I helped her to the shore and let her break in then transferred to the glove for a quail.

Video says it all Don't mind the minor swearing, welcome to hunting haha. The how we do it in PA comment was in response to a good natured rib of a NY friend of ours.

Here's to a good season to everyone! Scarlett is now 6 squirrels into her season.