I received the December 2014 Hawk Chalk (HC) and was surprised to see the Legal Disclaimer on page 1. This disclaimer was not published in previous HC issues. The disclaimer contradicts NAFA’s own mission statement, also listed on page 1.

Quoting the mission statement: “…our purpose is to provide communication among and to disseminate information to interested members; to promote scientific study of raptorial species, their care, welfare and training…”

In opposition, the legal disclaimer states “….NAFA takes no responsibility for the factual accuracy of the information contained in material submitted for publication…”

The legal disclaimer effectively dismisses NAFA's mission statement as an organization. It seems to me that the dissemination of any information that is inaccurate or non-factual is counter-productive to NAFA members, and does nothing to promote good communication within the club.
Does anyone else have thoughts on this issue?
Stacia Novy