I will close this thread as well. Again, NAFEX is not a place to discuss matters with regards to the way NAFA is ran. I have this forum, for NAFA, to help promote the organization. I totally understand if some have issues with NAFA, no organization is going to please everyone. Hell look at NAFEX, I have some that hate it and some that love it. I can't and wont please everyone. I even had a guy tell me at this years NAFEX dinner that he hates NAFEX and thinks it is whats wrong with falconry today. All the while, he is picking out his FREE book he won that was worth 175.00...go figure??. There are proper channels to discuss one's disdain for NAFA and NAFEX is not one of them.

I enjoy stories of unicorn tears and butterflies. Lets start posting about the good stuff and get back on that.

Thanks for understanding!

Happy hawking,

Christopher Lynn