Anyone else dealt with a broken antenna stud? I bought my UHF with a leg mount scout UHF set back in October and on Friday she crashed a squirrel and when back at the truck and I went to turn off the transmitter I noticed I had no signal.

I then took to the transmitter to find the antenna was gone. At first I thought the antenna just broke as had happened at few times this season (replaced it a few times from bending/creasing etc). It turns out the stud broke off flush with the transmitter.

I called in to Marshall today and they said that's most likely non-repairable and that the stud is normally not under warranty. I'm a little upset that a broken stud isn't considered a "warranted failure" as it was used as intended as a leg mount transmitter, and at bare minimum it's a bad design if the stud is truly non-replaceable.

Anyone else have experiences with broken studs?

I did go ahead and order a micro tailmount and backpack to use, but I'm still a little disappointed with that response.