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All I did (to avoid that very problem) was take the screws with to the hardware store and find a "shakeproof" (i think thats what they call them, http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31diHDKqLcL.jpg) washer that i could force over it on the inside of the battery cover so when I spin them loose (i have to go back and forth so it doesn't bend to far) they still can't pop out. It took a while to find one with a small enough OD to not be near to the battery terminals though.
That is just an internal tooth lockwasher as far as I can tell. The right size
might work for this application. Might need to use a metric one to keep it
from falling off.

I also tried "E" clips but they require a smaller diameter area to clip onto. That is probably the best way to do it but MRT would need to modify the