Actually, I'm back on NAFEX after a several year hiatus. I've been a falconer for 50 years and have actively hawked for all but one of those years. My main interest is passage goshawks, but I've also flown a number of imprint goshawks as well as many other types of raptors. I'm currently flying a once inter-mewed passage female gos I trapped in October 2013. She's average in size and flys at 930-950 grams. I just ended my sixth season flying Eva, a sixth season female gos I bred in my "backyard" project in 2009. Both birds are successful game hawks and have successfully caught ducks, rabbits and pheasant in that order in terms of quantity. I also enjoy "orchestrating" flights at pheasant with the passage gos and a Brittany (when we can find pheasants here in Minnesota).
Ben Ohlander