This was only my second NAFA meet, my first was in 2010 when I was pregnant, nauseous, and tired. There was more game in 2010, but I definitely had more fun this year. Because it wasn't over thanksgiving this year, I was able to be there for the banquet.

I met tons of new people, or people that only had online personas before this trip. I made several new friends this year.

I got out to KS on Tuesday night, and lost all of Wednesday as we were blown to Oz, so only had Thursday and Friday to hawk, but still managed to put a bunny in the bag. I wish I had more time out there to go out hawking with more people, but there's always next year.

I liked the week it was held, but I've also been hawking since September. Thanksgiving week is tough for me because of family obligations.

Can't wait until next year!