Hello I don't post much, but I do read a lot. I would like to post more but I'm not very good at getting my tboughts written down lol
A bit about my self, I've been a falconer for 15 yrs, I've flown multiple red tails, Harris Hawks one passage coopers, peregrine tiercel, currently I have had the same cast of Harris Hawks for several years they kill lots of rabbits and I always have a great time with them, I have killed rabbits from a soar with them so high I couldn't see them. They killed just shy of 200 rabbits this last season. Total kills with stuff I don't count was closer to 250(birds,lizards, snakes,ground squirrel) HOWWEVER, I want a change or would it be I want a headache lol
Since I started my falconry career at age 15 there has always been two things I wanted to accomplish, one was fly a cast of Harris Hawks and be successful, two a goshawk!! The gos was always put on hold because I'm just too busy, well I've come to realize that my life will get no less busy than the current time so next year 2016 I'm planning on getting one. I'm hoping to find a local person to help me out with this process.
I have a few questions that I hope can be answered and either encourage me or stop this idea before it gets to big in my head.
One concern I have is that as a fireman I work 24 hours straight so would not be around every other day, if I know when I'll be pulling the bird I can take days off to be around to get through feeding. My wife would also be willing to help feed a small bird and my plan is to do the imprint tank thing so the bird would be exposed to the wife the dog and can have some stimulation while I'm goner them on my day off I would take it out to see the world. At what age could I leave food for the day with it and it be able to feed itself?
And this is my big question what affects would me being gone for 24 hrs have on this bird? I only work 10 days a month so it's not like I'm never home.
Any other challenges anyone can see with my schedule beingba problem?
Ill be able to put plenty of game in front of this bird and I try to fly my birds everyday I'm off which is about 20 days a month. Also anyone in nevada that would be willing to help me get a bird your help would be appreciated
If not I'll be out there anyway finding a nest and getting a bird unless someone talks me out of it
Any help is appreciated
Have a great day jimmy Chavez