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your probably right. i was going to do it when the marshal system was released had one on back order then cancelled it. I was going to get it as I was wanting to get into abatement work. Figured it would help the employer be a little more comfortable, with me flying their birds.
I studied the ham radio books, but lost interest when the abatement work idea, was tossed by no one seemed to be hiring. Now I want one just for personal use.
Guess I'll brush of the dust on these books!
I can't believe I am about to say this but...
If you have no inkling that ham radio is another hobby you would like to pursue then ditch the books and go to one of the free test study web sites such as https://www.qrz.com/hamtest/ My wife went to that site
and took tests for 20 minutes a day starting on a weekend. The next Friday she took the test and passed. She admits to knowing virtually nothing about radio but she did pass and not by the skin of her teeth either. As a volunteer examiner I sort of shudder at the fact that the hobby has been dumbed down to the point where most people just memorize the answers to the questions. (You can tell when you are listening to hams on the air these days) This is, as they say, no longer your grandfather's ham radio.....