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At that cost you'd need a "LIFETIME WARRANTY" against everything to include loss...When is somebody gonna make affordable equipment for falconry? Not saying $995 isn't worth it, but at that price I hope they are not planning on selling to many of them... JMHO
Telemetry seems very affordable to me now- having the newest state of the art- less so. You can still buy a basic set up from LL electronics or Merlin systems for not much more than I paid for my first set-up 30 years ago [when it was a struggle for me to buy]. These basic systems have improved over that time- they will still help you get your bird back in most situations. When many people upgraded to UHF there were some real bargains on used 216 set-ups. This looks like a game changer and I was pleasantly surprised to see you could up grade for about $1000. I expect there will be some more old 216 sets hit the resale market, a deal if you are budget conscious.

My original RB4 receiver still works. My first transmitter was deemed non repairable by LL after 28 years of service. I paid around $500 for the set-up in 1985. I believe I got my moneys worth and then some. I still carry an MN-10 receiver in the truck as a back-up should my Marshall fail. I am still using 216- with the field Marshall receiver and power max, RT+ and Scout transmitters. I am very satisfied with this equipment and have no immediate plans to go to UHF or GPS, but maybe someday. The MN-10 was an upgrade over the "blue box" and the Field Marshall an upgrade over the MN-10. Is the new newer equipment "worth it"? That is a budget question for everyone to answer for themselves. With the large number of used units regularly showing up for sale I can't see how anyone can complain about telemetry not being affordable.

I hope and expect that Marshall will sell a crap load of these. Maybe in a few years I will buy one as a bargain when people are jumping to the next big thing.