DAY 109

it's been a while since I posted in this journal. My male Shikra was doing great up to the point of entering. Had a lot trouble getting him to go after wild quarry. In any case, I had to leave him with my falconry mentor for 1 month (due to work travel). He sat on a perch in an indoor mews (with other birds but separate via side shelving). He is at 156g with furniture - as heavy as he has ever been. Looks healthy but has clearly gone wild. He bated away when I picked him up. He sits on the fist, but very worried (those big wide eyes). I am going start reducing some weight and start the process of reclaiming him. I will attempt to simply carry him on the fist and some indoor manning until he starts taming down again. Then will attempt to get him going after some wild game once he has built up some fitness. One of the good things that happened during my 1 month away, is he stopped food screaming - which could simply be due to the fact that he is really fat. But I am hope stays quiet. He will stay in an outdoor mews for the rest of the season.