my best mentor( a calidus x british peregrine tiercel)
is teaching me much among many things the subject of this thread being one of them.
he is molting at the moment and is incredibly tame , eating on my glove( he is not an imprint ,and is free in a large pen)
but when eating on my glove, full weight he is always looking left , right all the time almost psychotic in a way .
he hates to be seen by other falcons when eating. he shows me how sensitive and private eating is.

we tend to force the falcon to give up that behavior, we find it as part of good manning.
I know think it the other way round,
feed the falcon always in the most discreet way, not with the other falcons in sight act with my body as a shelter , the purpose is keeping the instinct of safe distance intact so any threat getting into that perimeter is taking into account and either it can fly away with prey or give up. when they are all eating on a lawn some jumping at others food , they just decrease that attitude they cover or stand their ground( obviously as they are tied to a block and that works!the other hawks never reach them intimidation works!standing our ground is effective. they will adopt the same attitude even more while on game with disastrous consequences.
that's just a first thoughts on the subject maybe I'm wrong maybe not but sensitiveness while eating is certainly factual.

my falcon 3 years old pretty numb compared with the tiercel is a very wild and unfriendly falcon nevertheless eating is also sensible she loath eating on my fist and will act with agression and scare actually "robbing" the food from my glove . here again same behavior but this time I have to find a system where she will feel secure with me at some distance and I have to "create these conditions for her . none of those falcons have met any raptor while on prey( buzzards ,kites )I'm sure that the tiercel will give up instantly the falcon I guess so a well but this is just guessing.

a falcon seeing you as a save place to eat even looking for it is certainly a plus .
I expect my falcons to trust themselves = (not scare of everything) , me , my dogs .the rest is unfriendly if I am not there.