I posted these under classifieds in equipment too

Wasn't sure where is best - admins may move delete and certainly buy books 😃

1. Desert Hawking II, 1977 HARRY McELROY
No dust cover - good plus condition for old book. 2 previous owner nameplates.

$225 plus shipping

2. American Hawking, 1970 E.W. Jameson Jr. & Hans Peters
Clear dust cover with small 2" crack/tear. VG binding and several uncut pages.
There are pages you can't read unless you separate them. It's on the very end of the pages so content is not affected. Pages that are cut have a rough almost vintage affect/edge (laugh it up book collectors it's ok). If I could tag John Swift I would.
$175 plus shipping

Both great books for content, art, and collecting.

I'll try and load pics later
Or email me at indiehawk@hotmail.com

Thx for looking