I have a second year female imprint Goshawk Albidus.
As a chick- fed her only 8 week old Coturnix quail from rodenpro.com. Once I started entering her on baggies- she fed on sparrows, bobwhite quail, pheasant, rabbits. Once hunting successfully in the field- I transferred her over to blacktail Jackrabbit- as I would feed her up on kills + put a lot of meat in the freezer. Looking back through my notes and highlighting my failures… I noticed that her weight jumped around a bit (despite me trying to follow the McD II recipe). She face attacked a few times, and was pretty aggressive + loud. As the season progressed and she became more successful in the field- her behavior improved.

Since the moult – she is a completely different bird. Calm, quite, sweet. I took her up to about 1380/1400g through the moult on nothing but 8 week old coturnix quail. I have reduced her weight to 1250 today very slowly.

Question: for people hunting Jackrabbits
1. Does anyone only feed their imprint gos coturnix quail?
2. Does anyone mix quail and Jack?
3. If you only feed quail- what do you do with the Jacks? I could always give to my friend with an HH… but just checking to see how others solve for this

Trying to be spot on this year with weight control – much easier if I only feed one type of food as can predict her weight loss/hour