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The date stamp is 2013 and appears to be as all States had.......open public meetings to the new State regs changing over from the Feds........so is this what is really is a discussion. Or a recent post 2 years old of New proposed Falconry regs that had to be made and adopted by Jan 2014. Also, most assigned permits allow for such inspections. It was also on the Federal regs and simply carried over.
The federal regulations attempted to add inspections to federal falconry regulations, however based upon objections from the Americam Falconry Conservancy UFWS took the question to the Justice Department, the US

Justice Department agreed that these federal inspections by USFWS are not allowed. In an attempt to circumvent this decision they simply added that the states must add this illegal search authority to be conducted by the states... Can anyone make sense of this?