This years meet will be in Camden, Alabama February 26-28. This is the heart of the black belt on the banks of the Alabama River. We have access to +/_ 6000 acres of prime hunting land. Mostly squirrel or rabbit, but if you wanted to fly a falcon or accipiter there are some very big fields available with dove, starlings and possibly some duck. The hotel is the Southern Inn located in Camden. the hotel is bird friendly and uses normal household cleaners. the rooms run about $60. address is 40 Camden Bypass; Camden, AL 36726. Phone number 334-682-4148. Gary Brewer is our guest speaker and will be here hunting with us the 26th and 27th. Friday the 26th if you plan on hunting Friday we will leave out by 2:00pm. After hunting we will head back have a bit to change and shower and we will head to the Gaines Ridged Dinner club for the "Meet and Greet". Gaines Ridge is an old Antebellum plantation home converted to a restaurant. Great food to eat while we sit around the fire place and talk. Saturday the 27th we will meet early at the motel for the morning hunt. hunt till around 11am break for lunch and go back hunting till dark. after the evening hunt we will meet up at the Gees Ferry Terminal located 6 miles from the motel where we will have a catered meal, raffle and listing to Gary Brewer tell us some stories. Sunday 28th meet up early to hunt till lunch for them ones who would like to hunt and don't have to leave real early to travel.

Meet does not cost anything to come, you are responsible for food other than Saturday night is free. if you want to get in on the raffle items we will be selling tickets. also your motel cost.

you are welcome to bring whoever, family, friends or other falconers, ALL I ASK is that you contact me and let me know you are coming and how many in your party. this is the only way I can have a accurate head count for cater so we have enough food or not too much.

you can look us up at search Alabama hawking association in groups on facebook.

you can also email me at

we look forward to you coming
Michael Moore