The rules of this forum say I must be willing to trade for something, or for a service. I'm willing to trade for used hoods, or books, or possibly falconry "gadgets", so what do ya have?? As far as hoods go, I'm looking for dutch hoods that would fit a female merlin, tiercel prairie, or female prairie. There are a few books I'd trade for, but I am pretty anal about my books, and would prefer them to be in "very good" to "excellent" condition. Hoods are the main thing I am after.

I've got some black mist nets that I'm selling for a neighbor that used to band passerines for research, but is getting out of it since he recently retired. He and his wife are now going to start traveling. The nets were stored in a plastic tote, and are in great shape. Most look to be about 8' to 10' tall, and about 30' to 50' long. I love using mist nets, and have put these nets on my poles to check them over for holes. I didn't find any on first glance, but will go over them more thoroughly before I send them out to people. If I find any tears, I will fix them for you. I have fixed my own nets, and have gotten pretty good at it. Some have snags that are already repaired, but most look pretty much brand new. He wants $30 a net, cash or money order only. If you want to trade for one, I'll pay him the $30 in exchange for your trade, and send the net to you.

I'm not going to go through them and measure each net to look for a certain size. I've already separated them all and put them in their own bag, and used a twist tie to connect the loops on each end where the poles go. All you have to do is take the twist tie off, put a pole through one end, and let the net come out of the bag while you walk down to the area you want the other end of the net. Once you get there, take the second twist tie off, insert the pole, and set the net. I've been using my nets for years this way, and they never get tangled. Take them down in reverse, and you're ready for storage. I've caught more sparrows and starlings in mist nets than I ever did with stationary traps.

Once the nets are gone, I will update this thread as sold. But there are several nets. At least 20 probably.