It's probably safe to say if you were out hawking today, Johns day outdid yours (no offense of course!). Johns 860g peregrine took a 4200g goose out of the air from a stoop initiated out of a low soar of a few hundred feet while at our hunting circles Cave Meet.

The geese made the flush of a creek hollow and the bird took from the soar, gave the goose a whack that slowed it down, crossed up and gained some height into the headwind crossed across the neck and it fell from the air.

After it fell the bird prepped for one last incoming finisher (the series caught on camera below). If you look close on the picture of him coming in for the final dispatch it appears the neck was broke from the strike that dropped it from the air. Not only did the bird put on the flight of a lifetime, it did so in front of 13 people in plain view for everyone to see. What a day! I think the smile on his face in the last picture will be stuck for a while.