Hi there, new to falconry at home, not new to working with BOP at a facility.
Now my question is, how do you deal with needing to feed a bird their ration of food for the day while under weight management, and they are misbehaving and not Cooperating. I know there is a day or two with bigger birds that can be fasted, but if they are still not responding the way you want, how is the best way to feed without rewarding the behavior.

Last summer I flew a Harris for an education flight demo, not hunting. He is always a mischief maker, but this year was bad. Constantly testing his limiting to see what he can get away with, and we mistakenly were constantly rewarded his behavior, because he knew no matter what he did outside he would get a piece of food. Behaviors such as refusing to go to glove when outside (while being in his best behavior inside) or doing fly bys for food at perch and sitting for long periods of time. All at a usual weight for flying for him. Tried random rewarding but he caught on quick and would only come if a piece was seen. Training with a whistling bridge made after doing the action before eating the piece...
Harris is smart! And he knew we wouldn't strave him. Before starting with my Redtail I want to know how some of you deal with the need to feed, but not wanting to reward. And how to deal with this when outside and potentially dealing with a percher?
All these behaviors were done outside when free flying. He knew that while inside he needed to prove he was reliable, and on beat behavior, but as soon as trusted to go outside started up... Haha like working with me as a child!