Hey all, My name's Greg. Found this board searching for falconry info years ago. Recently my interest has been rekindled by a friend who is a long time falconer living in Japan. So lately I've just been absorbing all the info I can find on all the aspects of the sport (passion/lifestyle/addiction). Had the opportunity to go beat some bushes with a local falconer and his RT. Lots of fun and an enlightening experience.

Unfortunately I can't really take the next step and start working toward getting into falconry further (apartment living is not very conducive to keeping a bird of prey) so I am contenting myself with being a sponge and just soaking up the info, sort of passively studying for the test, and trying to make connections in the community, until I'm in a position where I can think about building a mews and getting a sponsor and a bird.

So hi all! and hoping to make some new friends and learn all about this amazing lifestyle.