Hey everyone,

I've been researching a lot about operant conditioning and positive reinforcement when it comes to falconry. There seems to be quite a bit of terminology and jargon that seems to go over my head. I was hoping I could post what I think I've learned thus far and have some of you more experienced folks pick it apart and tell me how far off I am!

Here's my understanding of the signals/process.

1. Signal: this is the command... a whistle, spoken word, etc. In this case, I will use a whistle.
2. Clicker: This is the "that's what I want you to do" signal. For this, I will be using an actual clicker toy (because those of you who call it a clicker and then use a whistle confuse me).
3. Reward: Tidbit, lure, etc.

To get the bird to jump to the fist, you start small. You get the bird looking in the direction of the fist. You whistle first. Each time he looks in the direction of your glove, you click the clicker and reward him. You then follow the same process for looking at the glove. Eventually, you move the glove away, place a tidbit on it, and whistle. If he leaves his perch to come to the glove, while he is in the process of flying to the glove, you click. He then collects his reward on the glove.

Is this correct? Am I out of order? Should I click when he gets to the glove? This is my understanding, but I feel that's just teaching the bird that when it's flying/hopping, that's the right thing to do. How far off am I?