I have a Jadgterrier (german hunt terrier) x JRT female approx. 1 year old. Bred for falconry. She is 10-11 pds right now (may get a tiny bit bigger, maybe a pound). Coarse hair, low shedding. Spade and microchipped. She is just plain excellent for hawking and hunting in general. High energy. Squirrel, rabbit, woodcock, all birds, rats, mice etc. etc. she will find it all with nose and sight. There is no cover too thick or vicious for her. She will hunt all day and is very high energy. Sasha is great with hawks in general and great with them on game. She honors and respects the hawk (RT and Harris). A simple "no" command and she assumes the down position. She is excellent with people and children, but a loyal protector as well. She is house, basic obedience and kennel trained. Sit, come, down, kennel and working on heel. She hunts close and will hunt all day. Did I mention she is high energy? I do not NEED to sell her, but I do not feel I have the time in this hunting season to do this young, awesome hunting dog justice. So I am seeing if there is someone out there that is looking for just a dog like her that has the time, energy, game and land available to let her excel at what she lives and dies to do. Hunt all day with high energy. I have a terrier sized e collar that will come with her and other stuff too (collar, bell, leash etc.) If Sasha sounds like she is a hunting dog that you would be pleased to employ and care about for a long time please text me or call me for more information. 225-772-8032 Anthony