When I was training an eyas coops in a field near a school, the bag quail turned and flew back behind me about 200 yards and over the school where the coops caught up and snagged it on the roof. I had to go in and find a teacher and explain what happened. They let me go through the girl's bathroom and out the window where I found the coops nearly cropped up and the quail about half gone.

Another time I was flying a peregrine on a farm near a pond. The falcon decided to chase some pigeons to the farm's old silo. I saw her sit on top of the silo, ignoring me and the lure, looking down and watching all the pigeons flying around in there. Finally she decided to go right in after them. The ladder on the outside of the barn was old and rusty and not safe. The door on the inside had been drywalled over years ago by the owner's father as part of a bathroom wall. After several hours I was sure she couldn't or wouldn't fly out the top, the guy was nice enough to cut a hole in the drywall so I could crawl in. Sure enough, there was the peregrine with a partial crop and a dead pigeon. I'm surprised we both didn't get sick with the cloud of crap from all the pigeon crap floating around in there.