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I suppose that if I lived in a place where a dog was useful for something other than wedging its way into ridiculously heavy cover to find the rabbit I might feel differently.

I think it works well for falconers that MRT has no apparent designs on becoming the next multi-function dog collar company. That market is probably substantially more lucrative as evidenced by the fact that Garmin is playing in that sandbox. If MRT went that way sizeable amounts of R&D money would go in that direction and not toward falconry. Let's not give them any ideas.....
There is something to just how hard is it to loose track of your wirehaired miniature Dachshund.

I suspect Marshall noticed last time when they were doing the beep collars for dogs that there is a lot more volume there. On the other hand Garmin can leverage their volume in other markets to slam all the other makers to the wall on price any time they get the urge. Do they want to get in the tank with the big shark figuring that they are too small for Garmin to bother with taking a bite out of them.