Hello! I'm Sarah; don't quite feel like using my last name yet as I'm still a minor. I want to get into falconry soon! Not sure how soon because my future is still changing constantly, but it helps to get into the community, I know.

I guess I should tell you about myself, heh.

I'm 17, and going into my senior year of high school. Tomorrow. But this also means I'm looking for colleges. And my parents won't let me build a mew in the backyard.

Currently I'm looking into veterinary science as a major, specifically with exotic animals. Or animation.

I live in Texas.

I volunteer at a bird of prey rehab hospital. I have been learning so much about birds and their ailments and temperaments, and have started my training with the ambassador birds! Today I worked with our mississippi kite; it was my first time having a bird on my glove! I've been volunteering about two months.

I work in a pizza shop.

I'm an award winning artist and animator. My team and I have made it to South by Southwest and the All American Film Festival in New York city. I've been drawing for seven years now. I might post some art here on this thread, when I have more time. I mainly draw canines.

I'm in the marching band at my school and I play flute and piccolo, sometimes bass flute. My band went to the Tournament of Roses Parade!

I have an aquarium and am well versed in fish husbandy. I also have a cat and dog. I've been around animals my entire life.

I love science fiction and fantasy.

Well, that's me. My dream bird to fly is either an American kestrel or a golden eagle (two opposite ends of the spectrum, lol). I'm saving up my money slowly but surely, and the center I volunteer at has offered to help me get my glove when I'm handling birds more.

While I'm not actively looking for a sponsor, I'd like any advice anyone can give me so I can jump right on that when its time!

I'd also love to post some photos of the ambassador birds I've been around lately, but they aren't my birds, so I'm not sure it would be allowed?

Anyway, nice to meet you all! Feel free to message me about anything; I don't bite!