I hope none of these are too big. I tried to resize them in the editor but sadly the corrections I made didn't work in the preview. I'll make smaller ones if they are a problem, though.

Not my own birds (sadly) but I do get to work with them! They are all education birds at the rehab center I volunteer at, not falconry, but still cool. I'm completing my training with them so I can hold, fist feed, go on walks, and join the rest of the team when we go on programs.

These are various photos of our American Kestrels, none are named as they're new birds.

.... except for this one below. We call him Baby. (I forgot to add that he's in a kennel because he's in the process of being trained. He's taken out every few hours to get used to stepping up onto a fist and being held.)

This is Xena, aka Warrior Princess.

she's a moody teenager.

and Orion! He's a total goof ball; I sometimes catch him swinging on the swing perch in his mew. But when I grab my phone to snap pics he's totally stoic.

This is Rusty, one of our three Eastern Screech owls.

and Jessie, the other.

and Beaker, our barred owl! He puffs up every time someone looks at him.