My folks have their 50th Anniversary coming up, and I'm going to sell some of the books that I have multiple copies of in order to fund something special for them. I will update the list as books are paid for. Paypal is preferred, but money order, check, and cash in person is fine as well. I'm sure you understand if I don't ship the book till personal checks clear. All prices will include shipping and insurance. I am a book collector, and know how to handle books, and break them in if they are going to be read. (Yes, there is a process to breaking in a book. I can discuss this with you if you'd like.) I promise you these books are in the condition as stated.

"Understanding the Bird of Prey" by Nic Fox. I have 2 copies of this available. One is mint condition, never opened the cover. It is $175. Other copy is easily 95% condition, and will let it go for $150.

"Desert Hawking With a Little Help From My Friends" by Harry McElroy. The book is in very good condition with two exceptions. The previous owner had written his / her name in the corner of the first page, then cut it out when I bought it from them back in the early 2000's. Harry's signature is there, and it is dated 4/14/98 by Harry. The previous owner also highlighted several sentences in the chapter concerning the prairie falcon. Otherwise, the book is very good, clean, and tight. Cover has no issues at all. $250

Buetos and Bushytails by Gary Brewer. Mint as mint can be. I was standing right by the previous owner when he took it out of the shrink wrap. I could have killed him. $250

Imprint Accipiter II, and Accipitrine Behavioral Problems by McDermott. Both of these books are in mint condition, and I do not have multiple copies of these. But I have no interest in flying eyas' of any kind any more, and since I'm posting books for sale, figured I'd include these as well, and try to pass these on to someone who can use them. I read both of these books a couple times, but you'd be hard pressed to tell the covers were ever even opened. I'll sell these books individually for $45 and $50 respectively ($55 and $60 new), or $85 for both.

If you want to chance it, make me an offer on any of the books above. If that book is still available next week, and you are the highest offer, I'll let ya have it. Well, as long as it's a reasonable offer...