I'm about to hit the breeding season for my pigeons. Several people have contacted me about getting some of the pure white pigeons that I have. These are NOT albino pigeons. Albino specimens of ANY species usually have a compromised immune system. These are dark eyed, or bull eyed, white pigeons. They are homers, and came from a guy that races this line of pigeon out to 250 miles. For longer distances, he uses a different bloodline. These pure white, bull eyed pigeons will be sold for $30 each. If you order 6 or more, I'll do it for $150 plus shipping. Shipping is the killer on the price for shipping pigeons. They have to be shipped USPS Second Day Air at a minimum, and they also have to be shipped in an approved container. Just to give you a rough idea, the shipping container is usually around $10 to $15 depending on if it is a two bird container, or a 10 bird container. Actual shipping for 10 birds is usually right around $90. These pure white homers are smaller to average size pigeons. And I mean PURE white. There isn't a speck of color on their feathers anywhere.

If you are looking for some really big, long distance homers, I have some of those as well. I've got Stickelbaut, Houban, Janssen, and Shaerlaeckens bloodlines, and all of them have champion pedigrees. Some of them are crosses of the above bloodlines as well, but all of them are proven distance bloodlines. I LOVE long distance racing, and that is what these lines are used for (350+ miles in one day). These are not white. They are more the traditional colored pigeons. Blue bars, blue checks, etc... They will be $40 a bird and 6 for $200, for now. The racing season for these youngsters won't be till fall of 2017, but if they win a couple races, they won't be going for $40 a bird any more.

The whites will be available starting sometime in January. The racers won't be available till I have my race team assembled, which will most likely be sometime in April or May. Just wanted to post this as there were several guys wanting birds, and I'd like to know a ballpark number that I need to breed in order to have birds for everyone. If you want some of these pigeons, send me a PM and I'll put ya on the list. This isn't a hard and fast, written in stone type of deal. If ya want to get on the list for birds now, then for some reason ya can't buy them when they are ready to ship, that's not a problem. I will be able to use them, or sell them somewhere else in the pigeon world. I'm not asking for deposits, but if you do send a deposit for half of the birds you are wanting, it will get you on the list immediately. Pedigrees are available if you want to see the type of birds the racers will be out of.

I will also trade for things. If you are a computer guru, and can build computers, we can certainly talk!! Also can always use falconry goods, leather items, perches, etc.... I like fixed blade knives, firearms, really good 4 season tents, fly fishing, and most other outdoor type items. Let me know what ya got, and I'll let ya know if I'm interested! Doesn't hurt to ask!!