Since nobody has responded to you yet:

Idk about A&P / biology. Closest thing that comes to mind that I've seen is Fox's book (Understanding the Bird of Prey). Not knowing what actually entails A&P / biology books, I can't properly say that that's the same (probably not as detailed), but I can say that if what you're looking for is substantially more detailed than that it's probably outside the scope of normal falconry (oxymoron?) and you might do better asking a raptor vet or something. To be fair, the raptor vets I know are falconers as well. One may come along here, but if that doesn't happen you at least have somewhere else to look, assuming you can find a raptor vet.

Handling sick raptors is (hopefully) not something you should commonly find yourself doing as a falconer. The recognition of more common diseases and some basic responses to recognizing symptoms (often it's "go to the vet now") is usually what's expected, and tests will ask you about symptoms of, say, Asper and Frounce, and they may ask about certain treatments or responses; you can get that information from most general falconry books I've seen, not to mention Modern Apprentice. And in the cases where the test literally asks about the name of the medication (the one question I remember is, iirc, a uselessly detailed and outdated question), I think most people memorize for that particular test and in practice bring it to the vet as soon as symptoms manifest.

If you have "minimal knowledge," a better book to read would probably be North American Falconry and Hunting Hawks, which I believe handles diseases somewhere, but also goes into other things to help combat a "minimal knowledge" problem. There's this thread that covers, among other things, recommended reading. Also Modern Apprentice, which I mentioned above.