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We had huge turnout and record 34 head of game taken.

20 Rabbits
8 Squirrels
1 Pigeon - A pair of Aplomado Falcons
1 Crow - Gyr Falcon
2 Starlings - Merlin / Kestrel
2 Misc
1 Dead snake in a tree - Grubby Little Redtail

The first round of Field Meet pictures are up on our website. Keep checking back there are a whole lot more that need to be added.

Below is a direct link.

http://newjerseyfalconryclub.com/?page_id=1696time card calculator

Everyone get some rest, we are doing it again in a year.

2018 NJFC Winter Field Meet, February 9th & 10th.

Wow, what a turnout at the Field Meet! A total of 34 game taken, including 20 rabbits, 8 squirrels, and even a pigeon taken down by a pair of Aplomado Falcons. The Gyr Falcon got a crow, while a Merlin and Kestrel each got a starling. There were also 2 miscellaneous game taken and even a dead snake found in a tree by the Grubby Little Redtail.