These perches are modeled off of the Coulsons design in their book. I was making myself one and figured that I may as well make a few more to make them available to folks who want them since not everyone has a welder.

Total width: 12 1/2 inches
Total perching height: 11"
Total height: 23"
Ring inside diameter: 3 1/4"

All these measurements are very close. My perches are hand formed. No fancy machines here so there is a little variable but not much. Since they are hand formed they have a very slight tweak in them that isn't noticeable unless you stand above it and look down and look for it. But I want to be 100% fourth coming because I want you to be happy with them.

They are stainless steel and should last you forever.

I did not wrap these so it will be up to you to wrap your perch. Everyone has different ideas of what they like.

In the lower 48 I'm charging $100 per perch shipped to your door. Shipping gets kind of expensive and can vary so I'm just making the perch $100 with free shipping in the 48.

Email me if you have questions:[IMG]http:...7fd5f0ca45.jpg[/IMG]

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