The Colorado Hawking Club's annual Field Meet is quickly approaching!

Here's the info, courtesy of Deanna Curtis, the CHC's president:

I am happy to report that we finally have a location for our Annual CHC meet. This year, the meet will be held in Wray, over the MLK weekend (January 13th - 16th). Sylvia and I drove out to Wray last week for a quick scouting trip. During our brief stay, we ran into some pheasant hunters who said they had limited out on pheasants and that they weren't even running dogs. All of the land owners we spoke to said there are plenty of cottontails and jackrabbits. Given the information we gathered from the locals, I believe the Wray area will prove to be great for both long wingers and dirt hawkers. In addition to the local findings, there are other promising areas to hunt... just outside of Wray is the Stalker Lake SWA and the Sandsage SWA. Just down the street from Wray, we can hunt the Sandy Bluffs STL. A little further down the road is the South Republic SWA (what used to be Bonny Reservoir). All of these should provide plenty of opportunity and options... not to mention, there are several Walk-In Access areas. It was great to find, during our scouting, that there was not a single landowner (of the doors we knocked on) who was opposed to us hunting on their property. Finally, I think another great reason to hold our meet in Wray this year is the fact that Wray is not far south of Holyoke, which is where we held our meet last year. This means that some of the members may already have land acquisition and access just a few miles north.

If you plan on attending our meet, please make reservations at the Sandhiller Motel - (970) 332-4134. Please remember to tell them you are booking a room for the Colorado Hawking Club's Annual Meet. The room rates (with club discount) are $60 per night, with a $5 pet fee. Rooms include a small refrigerator and microwave oven. I am asking people to RSVP as soon as possible and let me know if you will be coming and to give me an indication of how many people you will have in your group. I would like to arrange a group dinner for at least one of the nights. You can RSVP to or you can text (or call) me at (303) 250-8934. I am really looking forward to seeing you all at the meet!