Are you ready to do some hawking in Wausau, WI? This year our guest is Gary Brewer, author of the book “Buteos and Bushytails”, if you would like to learn more about him please enjoy this press brief. We will be having our annual winter meet on February 3rd-5th, 2017. Wausau has a great deal of public and county land in the surrounding area for falconers to hunt game. For more information you can refer here, but Frank has generously agreed that he will draw up some maps for falconers to take advantage of during the meet.

The meet hotel is Weston Inn and Suites, the hotel staff has requested you make reservations for the rooms by January 1st, 2017. It is free to make a registration, the simplest way would be to contact the hotel staff directly, tell them you’re reserving a room for the Wisconsin Falconer’s Winter Meet, and they will put you down on their lists. Hotel rates are $80 a night for this weekend, they are normally $99 so it’s important you call ahead of time to lock in the lower rate. Checkout times on Sunday are 11AM, there is bowling as well as a full bar available to guests. Below is a short list of expenses to plan for this weekend.

Registration Fee – $20 and includes your 2017 annual WFA membership.
Saturday Dinner Cost – $7 per person, RSVP for Dinner required by Friday January 27th, 2017. It is a chicken buffet-style dinner.
Hotel – $80/night (before January 1st), after it goes back up to $99/ night. Reserve early! Pets are allowed at the hotel.

Non-resident falconers who wish to bring their birds to hunt in WI will require a Veterinarian’s Certificate of Health and a completed and approved Import Permit, which you can download here. All non-resident falconers must have a WI non-resident small games license and all the appropriate stamps for the game you intend to hunt. This includes state/federal stamp for ducks/doves, and a state stamp for pheasants. Additional details can be found on the WI DNR’s website. First time buyer’s of a nonresident license will receive a discounted license, there are annual and 5 day options.

We hope to see you in Wausau!