This weekend, the 13th-16th, the Texas Hawking Association is hosting its 36th Annual Field Meet in Abilene, Texas.

Current weather reports aren't as sunny as last year, but as of last night the forecast showed some periods where rain %'s are 10% or so, so some of the more adventurous folks (or those of you flying "duck-hawks") may be able to get out in spite of the forecast. Also keep in mind that it is Texas, and thus the specifics of tomorrow's weather report aren't necessarily to be trusted.

I've heard good things about the game so far. We do have a few more fields than last year, including some for squirrels (or so I'm told). I was personally up there about 2 weeks ago with my sponsor, and we saw plenty of ducks. So if you are able to get out, indications are that hawking should be good.

Our keynote speaker is Spencer Wise. He will discuss falcon trapping with dho-ghazzas and the training and flying of Merlins. Our Friday night speaker will be Al Kordowski.

There had been plans for a pre-apprentice / apprentice dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings on Friday, but those plans are currently up in the air since the original volunteer will not be able to make it. However, we like the idea -- matter of fact we did something like this at the picnic a few months ago too -- so should someone else step up it could still happen. Stay tuned.

The meet hotel has moved since last year, and we are now at the Townplace Suites on the northeast side of Abilene. I'm told these rooms can fit half the state in them, so even though they're ~$35-40 more expensive you can split the cost more ways than before (realistically up to about 6 ways). The rooms also have full kitchens with cookware, full refrigerators / freezers, and gas grills on the patio. Plus the hotel itself is newer and generally nicer. It's a step up in quality from the other one.

More details about the meet schedule (among other things) can be found on the THA Members Only Facebook group.

Register, renew your membership, order banquet tickets, and get your T-shirt all on the THA Website. (You can also wait and register when you get to Abilene.)

The number for Townplace Suites is (325) 673-0400.

Hope to see y'all out there this weekend!