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You know, I think I'll get along well with a goshawk: I can be driven crazy if not given enough alone time myself! LOL

So the stool idea is here to stay! I knew this thread would be beneficial in some way!

And what about night time? Would a simple dark rubbermaid box turned upside down over the bird do the trick, or would it be better to introduce and use a hawk box (giant hood) as night quarters right from the start?

I may be splitting hairs here, but I'd rather do it theoretically, months in advance, rather than in real life when the hawk is here!

I'll be getting a baby English setter from France at around the same time... Oh joy... What have I done... LOL
you could let your baby goshawk sleep in the basket on the stool if you are certain that cats/dogs/etc. will not be a danger and if you are certain that the nest cant get knocked off the stool by the baby hawk's activities. Or put the basket into a box for the night. The giant hood idea is not bad either, but you run into some

Something else to keep in mind. Baby hawks stand up and walk backwards in a spiral pattern to the edge of the nest and then evacuate. This creates a very randomized pattern on the ground, and this means you need to be prepared for a circle around the stool to get splattered in hawk poo. Its really bizarre how a 7 day old baby goshawk that can barely hold its head up will suddenly rally its strength, stand up, and walk back to the edge of the nest.

This might all make for a problem if you want your baby hawk to sleep in the giant hood. The need room to lay down, and to walk their circle backwards until they are about 60+ days old. You could use a big cardboard box for them to sleep in during this time though.