Hello all,

2017 will be the year for me to get and imprint my male goshawk After loosing my MHH to sudden death a few months ago, I am well and ready to go ahead to the next step for me. I'll use OC from the start with this bird.

However, I am NOT at all in love with a faconry bird in the house I figured I'm not the only one who can't tolerate poop on the floor or on the couch and bad smells. So, considering there are so many experienced falconers here who imprinted (together) dozens of goshawks, if not more, let's see what equipment or materials do you all deem an absolute necessity to facilitate imprinting an Accipiter?

Imprint tank, rubbermaid container, etc? And everything else! Help me make myself a "grocery list" of what I'll need if I want to succeed in this adventure!