Hello guys!

I've had the chance to imprint my first goshawk this summer and lucky as I am, he started showing more and more signs of fear in the last weeks until he totally withdraw from me yesterday as I went to pick him up from his trolley. Totally terrified, full-blown panic mode.

I was so surprised by his change in attitude that I did not react fast enough to avoid this panic scene. I let him some food and left him there for the night (very safe weathering area).

This morning I thought hunger would have turned around but no. Not at all. So I did 3 short sessions of R- (using the removal of my presence as a reward for calm behavior), but I'm really in the dark as to what to do now. I'm looking for anyone experienced with this situation, what has been done, how did it turn out in the short and long term, etc.

Thanks to all who want to help!