Hello everyone, my name is Toni and I live in Yellville, Arkansas. I've been fascinated by birds of prey since childhood. Started trying to capture them with a camera as a teenager and still do that every chance I get. Lots of opportunities for that living here. I see many hawks daily and sometimes I can just walk out on my deck and spot a bald eagle perched in a tree 75 yards from my back door. Never gave much thought to the possibility of being able to participate in this sport until about 20 years ago when I met and spoke with a falconer at a workshop in Louisiana. Still then, I thought I would need to have funds to build something equivalent to a zoo exhibit (enormous fly cage type enclosure) to keep a bird. Kids and work pushed the idea of it to the back burner for many years. I've read more about the art of falconry over the last few years and believe it is now something I have the time and resources to pursue. I am in North Central Arkansas(close to Missouri) and would like to meet other falconers in the area. I am reading the study guide and manual and hope to take the test once I get a sponsor. Just last week I started making some calls about that, but wanted to first do my research and make sure it was something I could commit to. After all of my reading to date I am most interested in flying a red tail for squirrels. I live in a very rural area, have a good sized piece of land, mostly timber, and access to hundreds of acres of mixed pasture/timber.
I would really appreciate being able to tag along if there is anyone in my general area that would allow me the opportunity. I frequently travel to Little Rock and would be willing to travel further if necessary.

I have learned much from lurking here. Look forward to participating in the forum and learning more.