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    This is a one-of-a-kind photographic print of a passage goshawk and Makke Khan Fatekhan, head falconer to multiple maharajahs of Bhavnagar, Kathiawar States, India. Photo taken by John J. and Frank C. Craighead in 1941 during their trip to India as state guests of Maharaja Raol Shri Sir Krishnakumarsinhji, known to his friends as Bapa. This trip was sponsored by National Geographic and utilized some of the first color negative films ever available.

    This photo appears on page 62 of Life with an Indian Prince, published by the Archives of Falconry in 2001 with a more detailed description. Quoted from that book: “Makke Khan served as hereditary falconer to the maharajahs of Bhavnagar and was regarded as a falconer of the highest caliber. As expert austringer, Makke Khan specialized in Goshawks, the most prized hawks during the Mogul period, and also Saker falcons. He achieved one of the highest standards in Indian falconry by successfully training the Saker falcon on Chinkara or Indian gazelle. “

    This photo was printed in 1978 while I was employed by John Craighead to work on golden eagles. At the time I was also flying a passage female goshawk, and caught several ducks with her in the company of John on his property south of Missoula. He presented this photo to me as a Christmas gift. It bears his signature in the lower right corner which reads: John Craighead, 1941.

    John did not allow the printer to clean the slide prior having it copied, so there are several small dust spots throughout. The signature has now faded, but is still readable as shown in the photo.

    To my knowledge there is only one other print of this photo in existence - in the Craighead home in Missoula, Montana.

    Size of photo is 11 inches x 14 inches.

    Ebay link:

    Starting bid = $25.


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