I've been practicing falconry in Mexico since 1994. I like both hawks and falcons and have flown a number of them of different species.
I stopped to practice falconry some 10 years a go, not because i wanted, but because life happens "sometimes". Now i'm getting back to it, but i don't have yet a bird to fly. I still have my 1994 HH but he is retired now after many years of hawking with him, his prefered quarry was jack rabbits.
So i'm looking to re_connect with people, to find a bird either trapped or to buy a captive breed the next breeding season.
At the moment i'm looking for a kestrel or HH that i can trap for immediate flying thru the rest of the season, if i can get one in the following days or weeks. If not, i'll have to opt for a CB. I'm looking either:
HH Female
Aplomado (either sex)
Saker F. pale phase prefered
Gyr/Prairie. All hybrids males (i think)
Northern, finnish or Albidus Goshawk.

I want to aquire probably 2 birds, one long wing and one gos or HH.
My decision would be if i find a breeder willing to export to Mexico (I have imported falcons in the past, so i'm not new to this)
And what my wallet can afford at the time of making the deposits.
So far i have found just one or two breeders reluctant to export to Mexico, most of the breeders i have tried to contact don't even answer my messages. Some of them have had the kidness to respond but just for telling me they don't want to deal with exports to Mexico.
So this is all for now. Hope to participate a big deal in the different forums, and make good friends.
Please if any of you read this and have a contact with a breeder of the said species willing to export to Mexico, let me know.
Thank you.