Greetings Hoodmakers. I want to share a post. Gene Johnson has passed away.

“”This is for my falconry friends who knew or knew of Gene Johnson. It is reported to me by a friend that Gene passed away on January 16 in Colorado Springs. I didn't see this reported by anyone else, so I wanted to share it. Gene was a talented hoodmaker, and many years ago when I was a new falconr he took the time to write me a letter encouraging me in the sport. It meant a lot to me. I have no information about any service.”

Gene Johnson
was one of the finest EVER to stitch a hood.
I want to raise 1,000.00 to insure he gets a plaque on the Wall of Remembrance at the Archives in Boise, Idaho.
I propose every hoodmaker donate $10.00. This will allow Gene to always be remembered. Please help me.