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Then why can Apple not unlock a Locke iPhone. Even if your the original user. Geoff if you can do that theee are loads of bricked iPhones for sale. Ones with good esn that just have locked iTunes accounts. You could make bank because they are being sold cheap for parts. Because they are useless. The bad vibes you hear about Apple come from this. Pissed off consumers that have forgot their security passcode or phone pin, taking thier device to Apple thinking Apple can Help. Then getting made when they are told that they canít. That Apple has not developed a software to crack its own encryption and override its security protocols. Doing such would compromise what Apple has done to tighten mobile security. And hose against Apples privacy policy.
If I know one thing about technology, itís that everythingóand I mean everythingóis hackable and crackable.

In regards to the original poster, I am surprised itís taken MRT so long to develop an Android compatible app. With the success of GPS telemetry, I wouldíve expected this to be a high priority for them. Itís good to hear itís in the works though. Itíll be a great day when any phone user can link up to a GPS transmitter and find their birds.