The falconry meet season is over and I have the following completed transmitters left over for sale.

Maxi: 433.07 MHz, 434.07 MHz
Mini: 433.05 MHz, 433.05 MHz, 434.07 MHz

$25 per item, $5 postage per order.

See Equipment, Telemetry, Cheap Beep Project thread for details on product.
Range for MAXI is the same as a Marshall UHF Scout. 13 day run time. 7.4 grams. CR2032 battery
MINI about 60% of range of MAXI. 7 day run time. 2.8 grams. CR1225 Battery.

Kits in 433 or 434 MHz are available in all sizes. $15 per kit.
173 MHz and 216 MHz can not be done using the Integrated Circuit that is the heart of the CBP design.
DVD on kit assembly available no charge.

Thomas of the Desert