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    Default Marshall GPS Complete System

    Purchased 2017 and used from June 2017-October 2017. I am selling because I won’t be flying longwings for the foreseeable future and this system is completely overkill for my purposes. I might go back to 216 mhz as a cheaper alternative.

    I customized this with extra parts that enable you to quickly and easily convert from the screw-type leg mount on the gps and bewit mount on the RT to a tail mount! That way you can use either transmitter on the leg, tail, trackpack, or neck. Changing it takes less than a minute.

    Well-taken care of, there’s nothing wrong with any of it. There’s some normal wear-and-tear that is inevitable from daily handling, but I guarantee this system will work as-new, and has never been treated without care.

    Finally, Marshall has released a new (4.0) optional software download. They recommend a $195 service for the transmitter if you decide to run the newer program. In addition to the substantial discount I’m offering the system at for being “used” for a few months, I have also deducted $200 off the price to reflect Marshall’s option.

    Price includes shipping

    Comes with:

    • Pocketlink
    • GPS Transmitter (programmable in UHF 433-434 frequencies, with:
    -Easy-twist cap for 1/3n batteries
    -Bewit cap for 1/3n batteries
    • Rechargeable battery system with 2 screw cap mounts (as mentioned, can easily be converted to tail/backpack or used with the easy-twist mounts for the leg, which work fantastically)
    • RT UHF transmitter (434.055)
    • 2 extra antennae for the transmitters
    • 2 removable bite-guards to prevent hawks snapping the antenna off on a leg- mount)
    • Field Marshall FM UHF 100 in 434 mhz
    • Magnets
    • 9 1/3n batteries
    • Omni-directional whip antenna for GPS/ UHF (a must-have) NOT PICTURED
    • Desert Hard Case

    This equipment cost me almost $2,600 plus shipping. I'm asking $1,750 shipped to your door. Paypal Preferred.

    If sold separately, prices are:

    $850: GPS system: Pocketlink, GPS transmitter, caps, easy-twist rechargeable batteries with bite-guard and extras (will not include hard case and will be packed in bubble wrap)

    $600: Field Marshall UHF WITH hardcase

    $275: RT UHF with bewit-mount cap and tail-mount/ track-pack easy conversion and bite-guard

    $70: Omni-directional UHF whip

    Message me for any questions

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