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    Hello Danielle,

    Welcome to NAFEX I wish you the best with the new rehab center. Early in the summer a friend called me because he had hawk in his yard that was unable to fly. When I arrived to check it out I was suprised to find a passage goshawk standing in his front yard. We don’t see goshawk’s in central KS or at least I don’t. I picked the bird up and took him to a local veterinarian who does not specialize in avian species. I convinced him to take some x-ray’s which I emailed to the University of Minnesota. They were very helpful and diagnosed a fractured/dislocated coracoid fracture and outlined a treatment. During this time I was searcing high and low for a raptor rehabilitation center willing to take him in. Luckily a local wildlife rehab called me back to suggest I call the local zoo. They agreed to take the bird and successfully brought him back to health. I was skeptical that he would regain full flight but they called me three months later to go along for the release. I was very happy when they opened the door to the crate and he flashed off and climbed up to the top of a cottonwood. Long story short raptor rehabilitation is a great thing and I really appreciate you’re endeavor and hope it work’s out well for you.A01B7A09-2050-4938-A95A-2CC96A38E451.jpg
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