I just upgraded to the GPS turbo and the new aerovision. I have to say I am very impressed other that some of the features in the old aerovision that I though were intuitive are not as much in the new software. But to my question. Can you connect to a transmitter from a distance as long as it is in range? Consider the scenario where you were at a falconry meet and someone's falcon gets lost. Could you put out an "APB" and everyone in the area try to connect to that transmitter to find the bird if it has lost contact with its owner? With the broadcast feature you can even remotely track in a way.

Is still think some sort of crowdsourcing type solution is the answer to the truly lost falcon. There are not a lot of falconers but we are pretty widely distributed. Having the guy 100 miles away from you turn on their receiver and try to find your falcon is a pretty useful tool.