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I’m curious, will the real/true story of what and how fred’s Inspection went down ever be mentioned? Does the plf know about his Facebook post inviting other falconers over for a picnic specifically to harass the officers coming to inspect him? It’s funny how this whole lawsuit is based on the premise of basically harrassment, but the other side of the story which is known by many is completely missing from the dialog. Or do I have my information wrong? It al seems so convenient....
I don't remember the whole tear jerker video but my recollection is that one of the big points of drama was that they scheduled an appt to do the inspection and then showed up early.
To be honest, if I was an LEO and found out that the person I was supposed to inspect had decided to make a post on Facebook encouraging people to come and be an annoyance
I would show up a day early too. The sheriff's dept in my county only rarely issues an actual ticket for traffic stops but if the driver is hanging out the window screaming "WTF did you pull me
over for asshole?" (yes, it has happened) they can be assured that they will become a part of a small group of people who have had the honor of receiving one.